SHAMA Inc. is committed to empower women and families, primarily in India, without regard for religion, race, caste or creed, through programs of our own and in partnership with like-minded organizations.



The number, scope, size, and successes of SHAMA, Inc.'s programs have grown considerably over the years. When our organization began its work, the scholarship program at P.N. Doshi College in Mumbai was our sole concern.

Now we have many more on-going programs, as evidenced by the list above, and have contributed to others. This map of India shows where we have an impact in India.


SHAMA, Inc. sponsors events in Wisconsin for three purposes. The first is to educate people about the culture of India. Second, to raise money for our projects in India. Third, to have fun!
If you would like to volunteer to work with SHAMA, Inc. in any of our many endeavors, register here. Thank you.

The 32nd Festival of India will be on Saturday, September 28, 2019. The Festival will present activities, performers, speakers, a bazaar, and a wonderful Indian meal. Hundreds of people attend the Festival each year, and everyone has lots of fun while learning about India and seeing old friends.


In order to increase our effectiveness and to help women and children in several parts of India, SHAMA, Inc. collaborates with other charitable organizations in India that already have programs in place.

In addition, the outreach director, Dr. Ashok Bhargava, has helped find worthy programs for SHAMA, Inc. to support in his travels. Organizations and projects in which we participate must have excellent credentials and share our goals and mission.

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