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Cultural Education

In addition to work in India, SHAMA, Inc. sponsors events and organizations to promote understanding of Indian culture and life, primarily in Wisconsin. Cultural understanding is usually presented accompanied by fun and food.

In addition, as a part of the Stevens Point community and in line with our mission to assist women and children, SHAMA, Inc. makes an annual donation to the Stevens Point Family Crisis Center.

Festival of India  ||  Heritage India  ||  Celebration of Indian Festivals  ||  Formal Indian dinners
Talks and Workshops  ||  Joint projects with other organizations

  • Jaysi swirling 2Festival of India: This is our biggest annual money-raising project. The Festival is a day-long potpourri of Indian culture, food, and entertainment, attended by many hundreds of people from Wisconsin and neighboring states. Featured are an Indian dinner, workshops, a stage performance, and stalls displaying Indian crafts, paintings and clothing. Admission to the event is free. Money is raised through sale of Indian items at a bazaar, ticket sales for the dinner, and donations.  (Click here for a History of the Festival.)

  • Heritage India. This is a group of people who have adopted children from India or who are immigrants from India. They get together to teach the children about their Indian heritage. For more information, contact Adrienne Kaster at (715) 343-0949.

  • Celebrations of Indian Festivals. Diwali (Indian New Year, festival of light) is celebrated in November. Holi (throw colors, spring) Held in various locations.

  • Formal Indian dinners: Formal dinners at various locations to educate people about various aspects of Indian traditions help to generate sponsorship for SHAMA, Inc. programs.

  • Talks and workshops: Lectures at churches, schools, etc. For example, in 2003-2004, some of the talks Jyoti Chander gave were about street games for children in India to Girl Scouts, SHAMA's work to College Feminists at UWSP, Indian philosophy and culture at Homme Youth and Family Home.  In 2007, dancers presented a workshop at Jefferson School.

  • Joint Projects with local groups:
    • Junior Women's Club of Stevens Point
      • Set up a stall at Tinsel Trail to sell Indian handicrafts
    • South Asia Society, UWSP
      • Celebration of languages in the UWSP Encore Room in the University Center, featuring poetry and songs in the world's many languages.
      • A showing of the movie Siddhartha at the university, sponsored by SHAMA, Inc, the South Asia Society, the Multicultural Affairs Office and the History department.
    • Screaming Gypsies (belly dancers)
    • Fox Valley India Association
    • Stevens Point Cultural Fest
      • A booth at this event sells food and Indian crafts.
      • Performance of Indian dance and/or music
    • Art in the Park
      • A booth selling Indian crafts and prints from India.
    • Culture Fest at Rapids Mall
      • A booth selling Indian food, snacks, desserts, and crafts, accompanied by live music.
    • Good Cause garage sale
    • Food stall at Midwest Renewable Energy Fair to raise money for ADIRE's project in Orissa.

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