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Women on Wheels (WOW)
In partnership with All India Women’s Conference (, Vikas Puri Branch.

Automobile production and use has increased dramatically over the last decade in India. There are many women driving (private) cars, but at the inception of WOW, no women taxi drivers or mechanics. Hence, they have been excluded from this fast growing industry. WOW will start the process of empowering women in this industry.  



The Women on Wheels program was inaugurated in the spring of 2008.

Stage Decoration at inauguration
Stage decoration at inaugural ceremony
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WOW has begun training women to become qualified mechanics in garages or licensed taxi drivers.  This program is a unique model to empower destitute women in an economically significant way through training in motor car repairs and taxi driving. This will prepare women taxi drivers to be ready to operate during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.


See these YouTube news videos from India about WOW!

In 2009, Australian TV had a news article describing the work done by WOW! and continues to have the article online at this site:

Pictures from the inaugural ceremony:

man at podium 
Inaugural speech
Women being interviewed 
TV interview
Line of women 
Initial trainees
women passing out hats to trainees 
Hat distribution
Street sign 
Street sign
Training car

WOW Goals

  • Train 200 women by 2010 in to be licensed taxi drivers in South Delhi, India, from a certified driving school.

  • Train 40 women qualified car mechanics

  • Create a model for a national program.

  • Present a global impact at the Commonwealth Games in 2010


Licensed Taxi Drivers

The licensed taxi drivers will operate Radio Taxis, with GPS, in New Delhi. Drivers will be in contact with the base station through the radio at all times to assure their safety. Initially, they will serve school children and female employees of BPO centers. They will also be preparing to serve Women athletes at the Commonwealth Games in 2010. 

SHAMA, Inc. would like to support the training of six girls per year, 2 in a batch. The training course lasts two weeks. Cost per student is $130 for the training and license fee.

 Qualified Mechanics

Woman as mechanics is a new idea in India. However, this occupation offers good pay and is certainly within the capabilities of women.  Six students a year would be chosen for this training. The cost of the training is $450 a year, per student. Training takes one year or two years, depending on the level of certification.

 In 2008

There are 22 women in training to be taxi drivers, women who were recruited from AIWC shelters for women. This training secures their futures.  They are trained in international standards of fire safety, English, assertiveness, and self-defense. Their cars are equipped with GPS, a camera, and emergency systems.

This project has the support of world-renowned Ms. Kiran Bedi, Director General, Bureau of Police Research & Development, and works in coordination with the All India Women’s Conference South Delhi Chapter.  AIWC has been a leader in struggles for the independence of India, women’s empowerment and freedom since 1927.

*WOW is changing the world one step at a time!*

An Australian woman wrote to tell us that she found our work very inspiring. The work done by Women on Wheels! seemed as inspiring to her as the work done by Nancy Byrd Walton. She was the first woman in Australia to learn to fly to earn a living. Later she founded the Flying Doctor Service, which is still in operation. Links to her story are here: and

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