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Eating lunch provided by SHAMA, Inc. and SPRJ Kayashala Trust
Lunch program

New Smart WELL Leadership Program

About the New! Smart WELL Program:

Creating leaders from among India's impoverished is the dream of SHAMA, Inc.'s efforts, believing that together our potential abounds and knows no class, race, community or gender. SHAMA, Inc.'s alliance with Mumbai's SPRJ Kanyashala Trust girls' educational institution has created an innovative project to create leaders in all areas of talent and skill among the poorest of the poor of India's urban slums.

We will help promote special talents for those with few opportunities and high potential in academics, sports or creative activities like dramatics, dance, music, drawing and other talents, as well as political leadership, media internships, business trades and entrepreneurial skills. The program assists candidates financially to take professional training and excel in their field.

How YOU Can Help:

 You can become a Smart WELL Benefactor with your donation of $10, $50 or $100, to help girls and women with special talents become empowered to achieve new heights and believe in themselves in dynamic ways for the benefit of all in our common future. When we all succeed we all achieve.

Candidates Give Forward

In an effort to sow the seeds of collective thinking and community assistance, we will encourage candidates to share their talents with others through community projects and presentations to maximize the benefits of their learning and achievements. We encourage the long-range commitment of our candidates to give forward as a result of their successes by assisting another candidate's leadership opportunity in their lifetime.

Seed Funds

An initial trust fund of the amount of 500,000 Rs. or $10,000 in SHAMA, Inc.'s name has been initiated with the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust of P.N. Doshi College in Mumbai, India

Current Facilitators

 Snehal Barai, SPRJ Kanyashala Trust's P.N. Doshi College, Ghat Kopar, Mumbai

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