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Parikrma School
Dr. Ashok Bhargava visits

Parikrma Foundation (powered by Yahoo!)

SHAMA. Inc. funded a library in a new school for under-privileged children at Nandhini Layout in Bangalore. The school, sponsored by an Indian NGO, Parikrma Foundation, is called Parikrma Center for Learning (powered by Yahoo!) This school started functioning in late February, 2007. The library has reference and general reading books. There will also be educational CDs on Mathematics, English and Sciences. Ashok Bhargava, Outreach Director of SHAMA, Inc., visited the Foundation and a school run by the Foundation in November, 2006.

The rest of this document consists of a report and proposal by Dr. Ashok Bhargava, Outreach Director of SHAMA, Inc.,
and a summary of the Parikrma Center for Learning, developed from their website.

 Visit to Parikrma Foundation and Proposal to Co-Fund a Library at a Parikrma School
Ashok Bhargava, Outreach Director

It was my privilege to visit two schools of the Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore, with Shukla Bose, Founder-CEO on Monday October 30, 2006. My purpose was to acquaint myself with a project that has received a considerable amount of positive publicity and was highly recommended. Shukla Bose found time from a very busy schedule to take me to their school, partially funded by Adobe Systems. 

Parikrma and SHAMA have many common goals. They run 4 schools for under-privileged children, assisted by business groups, they run programs to empower women, and are also interested in AIDS/HIV work.

I visited a number of classes in the School. The children all conversed with me in English – this was the first school where all the conversation was in English. The children responded willingly to questions by the class teachers, Shukla Bose, and me. In my experience this is not common. It was a measure of the self-confidence that the program has instilled in the children. 

My visit to the other school was done in an empty building – the children had gone home. However, the school was a multi-story structure with excellent facilities.  

In my judgment this is an excellent Indian NGO to partner with for SHAMA, Inc.'s programs. 

LIBRARY PROPOSAL: Shukla Bose mentioned a library as a possible starting point. They were in the process of starting one for the Adobe School. They have raised half the funds (Rs. 150,000) and are requesting a match from us (Rs. 150,000 or $ 3,500).

The Library will be in a new school at Nandhini Layout in Bangalore. The school is called Parikrma Centre for Learning (powered by Yahoo!) This school started in late February, 2007. By late May 2007 there will be 100 children. The cost of the library is Rs. 200,000 for the infrastructure including racks and cupboards and Rs 100,000 for the books which includes reference and general reading books. Some books on child psychology will be purchased for the teachers. There will also be educational CDs on mathematics, English and sciences. Hence, the total cost is Rs.300,000 of which the Foundation has already raised half. Our goal is to raise the other half, $ 3,500.

My recommendation, as Outreach Director, is to start with the library and build a longer relation with Parikrma.

This is an appeal to be part of this project by providing donations of $100, $250, or $500. Please make checks payable to "SHAMA, Inc." (a non-profit organization) and write "Library Project" on the memo line. (All contributions are tax-deductible.) Mail the checks to the following address:

Ashok Bhargava
5631 Longford Terrace, # 102
Fitchburg, WI 53711

Click here for more information about the Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

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