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Eating lunch provided by SHAMA, Inc. and SPRJ Kayashala Trust
Lunch program

New SHAMA Slum Kids Programs

SHAMA SlumKids Program has begun in cooperation with the World Peace Mission Trust (WPMT), which is a social organization engaged in uplifting children of poor labor unsettled families, who do not go to school, by educating them for two hours under the open sky daily, in elementary and hygienic education. WPMT is at present running Seven Centers in and around Chandigarh in which 250 children are enrolled. The actual strength is 300 children as the younger children remain in the custody of elder children when their parents go to work place. When a child shows interest in education, we try to send them to regular schools. In this way, we send around 50 children to regular schools every year. We are excited to be supporting this far-reaching program with SHAMA, Inc.�s Initial Donation this year.

The New SHAMA SlumKids program operates as a branch of SHAMA, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization working for the empowerment of impoverished women and children of India. (Click on this link for more information about SHAMA, Inc. and its work.) New SHAMA SlumKids operates solely on volunteer people power, so that every penny of sponsors' contributions goes directly to the support of the sponsored child's education.

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