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The ShamaKids program matches sponsors with a particular child. Your contribution provides what these children need to be able to attend school such as school supplies, tutoring, nutritious meals, and medical examinations. These children are from destitute families, and they would not be able to attend school without your help.

The ShamaKids program operates as a branch of SHAMA, Inc., a non-profit, tax exempt, charitable organization working for the empowerment of impoverished women and children of India. (Click on this link for more information about SHAMA, Inc. and its work.) ShamaKids operates solely on volunteer people power, so that every penny of sponsors' contributions goes directly to the support of the sponsored child's education.

We are happy to announce that almost 500 children have found sponsors through the ShamaKids program. Because of that success, more needy children have been added to the list of those seeking sponsors.

Answers to more questions can be found at Frequently Asked Questions About the ShamaKids Program.

Sponsoring a Child

First, choose a child to sponsor from Page 1 or Page 2. Then do both of the following:

  1. Please fill the printable form and mail to SHAMA Inc (Address is mentioned in the form).  

  2. If you have no preference of which child to sponsor, please leave the child code blank.

  3. Click on Payment Options for payment options.

We ask sponsors to commit to their sponsored child for a minimum of one year

Answers to your questions can be found at Frequently Asked Questions About the ShamaKids Program.

If you have further questions, please write to ShamaKids at


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