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Watering garden
Watering vegetable garden

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In line with the objective of providing quality education to rural kids for their integrated development, ADIRE started a school for 5 - 7 yr old kids in April 2007 in the village Jahangirabad, Orissa in collaboration with SHAMA, Inc. and ShamaKids.


Early childhood is a time of rapid growth and development. During this time, play and hands-on experiences are vital to learning, besides parental care and affection. Research has also shown that during these formative years of young children, healthy nutrition is required for the growth of their brains. Getting any opportunity to experience such fun-filled learning through music, dance, games, and toys is a far cry from what is available in many rural households in India when the poverty-ridden parents have no time and money to provide even the bare minimum nutrition for the growth of their kids.

The Government primary school in the village Jahangirabad is in a very pathetic condition where there are 2 teachers for more than 100 kids (Class 1 - 5) taught in 2 rooms. In one class room kids of 2 or 3 classes sit together back to back and are taught by one teacher. Attendance in the school is very poor due to lack of resources, poor infrastructure and lack of interest of both teacher and students.

Adi' Vidya Mandir school was started in April 2007 with the objective to ensure integrated development and growth of a child's mental, physical and spiritual faculties at a formative age by imparting quality education in a child-friendly way. Our (ADIRE'S) experience in the evening reinforcement school in two nearby villages shows that there are many talented kids in these villages. But without proper nutrition, resources, guidance and opportunities their development is restricted. We would like to bring out the hidden talent of many kids in the villages, which is possible through Adi'Vidya Mandir's educational program.


The children for this school are from the villages of Jahangirabad and Balabhadrapur. All of them come from families whose annual income is less than Rs.12000/- (U.S. $300). There are two class levels; kindergarten (5 - 6 yr) and 1st grade (6-7 yr). Currently (2007), 15 children are studying in the school.  We expect to have an enrollment of 70 next year, with admissions to one additional grade level and children from a neighboring village.  All of these kids are from economically & socially weaker sections of the society, with 75% of them belonging to Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes (lower caste and class). Their annual family income falls much below the poverty line.

School Program 

The classes for both kindergarten and 1st grade run from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Mon - Fri) and 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (Sat). This school is associated with "Sri Aurobindo Integral Education System" which has hundreds of schools all over India. Adi'Vidya Mandir gets support from "Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Society" in terms of teachers’ training and visit of their faculty once a month to Adi'Vidya Mandir.

We [ADIRE] have employed two main teachers (Ms. Bishnupriya Pati and Ms. Jaishree Pati, one for each class), one assistant teacher (Ms. Sujata Sethi) and one cook (Ms. Gita Pati) to prepare a nutritious meal, which is served at 12:30 PM, as well as a healthy snack each afternoon.  

The meal is prepared at the village cafe, which is a part of SHAMA WELL's women bio-cooperative program. Vegetables for the meal are grown in-house and looked after by the school staff and kids every day. Milk is purchased from the women whose businesses have sprung from loans from the SHAMA WELL program.

For the SHAMA Kids program we have the following staff responsible at the local grassroots level: Mr. Pradipta Pati, Ms. Bishnupriya Pati and Ms. Simi Mishra.  They communicate on a regular basis with the team in the USA per the requirement of the SHAMA Kids program. In the US the following people coordinate the SHAMA Kids program: Mrs. Shreemayee Kar, Green Bay, WI; Mr. Durga Prasad Kar, Green Bay, WI and Mrs. Pushpa Seetamraju, St. Paul, MN.

Besides the Adi'Vidya Mandir School, ADIRE has improved the infrastructure of the existing primary school in the village. Every Saturday Adi'Vidya Mandir school staff carry their laptop with the projector and teach the village school kids computer and show educational videos. This school does not have electricity so the laptop and projector are run using solar energy. Every year ADIRE also sponsors and conducts the annual sports events, various debates, essay-writing, drawing and music competition on Independence Day & Republic Day.  An annual picnic for this village primary school is also organized by ADIRE.


In ADIRE's Learning Center we also have a small library with around 200 books, magazines, newspapers and educational toys, blocks, puzzles etc. These materials are used regularly by Adi'Vidya Mandir children, as well as kids from the village primary school. We would like the collection of this library to grow, so that all children and adults of nearby villages can make use of it and be well informed.

We also plan to purchase a computer for the library and to install local language (Oriya) software, so that it can be used by everyone, even those who cannot read or write English. In order to encourage the women to read we're planning to start SHAMA WELL women study circles where they will be taught reading, writing, doing simple calculation and also educating them in various other areas: women's health, hygiene, and nutrition related issues.

How You Can Help

ADIRE and SHAMA, Inc. have started the ShamaKids program in these villages of Orissa.  ShamaKids' support of Adi' vidya Mandir School students enables us to grow and to sponsor the education of children from economically backward families.

You can sponsor a child's education through the ShamaKids program
and help the library by making a donation to SHAMA, Inc.

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a Children in classroom 
Schoolchildren with teachers Bishnupriya Pati, Sujata Sethi, and ADIRE project coordinator Pradipta Pati 
Watering garden
Watering vegetable garden
Mrs. Chander visiting class
Mrs. Jyoti Chander
with the children
and their parents
Children with cook
& cook, Gita Pati
doing school work
School work
b Coloring

Midday meal
Learning computer skills
Learning computer skills
Computer game
Educational computer game

Educational video

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