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Kids at Mhaskal School

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Teachers realize how limited the experiences of children in the ShamaKids program have been. As a result, they try to expose them to things they might not otherwise learn about. Some of the ShamaKids from SPN Doshi were taken on a field trip to Mahalabeshwar, a resort town. This was the first trip these children had taken away from their slums, and it was a beautiful experience for them.

Children beside lake in Mahalabeshwar Children in boat

You, too, could help a child receive an education and broaden the possibilities in their lives.

Kids and staffThe woman in the dark colored sari in this posed picture of students and staff (and Jyoti Chander) at an SPN Doshi school is the principal of that school. Childless herself, she finds great pleasure in the children in her school. She is personally interested in the fate of each child and often spends her own money to buy them things they need. She is extremely grateful for the help the children get through the ShamaKids program.

The vice principal is retiring. She plans to devote more of her time to ShamaKids because she thinks it is helping the children so much.

These women's attitudes toward the children is typical of teachers involved with ShamaKids. They work from love.

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