ShamaKids, a program of SHAMA, Inc.
Jagdish Chander
2460 Crescent Court, Plover WI 54467  (715) 341-1538

Zalla Parishad Primary School
 in Adavali Village

ShamaKids began sponsoring children in 2008 from Zalla Parishad Primary School, located in Adavali Village (Titwala, Taluka Kalyan, District Thane. Maharashtra, India), about 2 kilometers from Mhaskal Village. There are 57 families in the village, the majority of whom work as farm laborers and live on a meager income.

The school has just 2 small classrooms. Thirteen children, eight boys and five girls, attend grades one through four. One teacher handles all the classes. When children complete grade four, they go to Mhaskal school for further studies, up to grade seven. They travel to Mhaskal on a bicycle, which is given to all children who have sponsors.

Like the school in Mhaskal, the Zalla Parishad Primary School is overseen by the SPRJ Trust and faculty from PN Doshi College.

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