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Children at school
Children at school

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 Baba Ganda Singh Public School

Kids and school signThe Baba Ganda Singh Public School, in District- Sangrur, Punjab was added to the ShamaKids list in 2007. This school is not tuition-free. From the $180 annual cost of sponsorship, $105 of the sponsorship money will pay for the child's ten months' tuition, $45 will be for transportation, and $30 will go towards books, notebooks, and other stationery.  ShamaKids also receive tutoring, learn sports, and are given leadership activities.

At this School officials with Dr. Bhargavaschool, students must stay at school until they have finished their homework. Teachers are required to stay with them and help them, as needed, since most parents do not have the skills to help with schoolwork.

Mr. Jagga Singh, the founder of the school, is a retired military officer and runs the school with strict punctuality and discipline; his son is on the SHAMA, Inc. board. The school has been visited and approved by Dr. Ashok Bhargava, SHAMA, Inc.'s outreach coordinator.

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