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SHAMA, Inc.'s goal is to empower low income women in India through both formal and informal education -- a grassroots effort to develop leadership skills and generate personal and family income. Our ultimate aim is to plant the seeds of change for social justice to raise the status of women in Indian society.

We believe in the concept of "help to help oneself." We support the creation of the environment and necessary support system for women in the lowest classes of Indian society to help themselves. We fully believe that the Indian woman is strong, perseverant and  very capable of responsibly leading and supporting the family. We work to help women develop a voice we consider essential in their political, personal, and physical rights.

Lamp with flame"Shama" means the flame of a lamp. We strive to provide a light of hope to destitute women and children in India. The letters of the word "shama" can also be used to list the means by which we hope to spread light:

The letter SScholarships: For girls, we provide primary through higher secondary education, food, uniforms, health checkups, and scholarships to ease the financial burden on students' families. The ShamaKids program supports this effort, as are monies donated to PN Doshi College through the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust.

The letter HHome Industry: For adult women, we focus on career-building through classes such as tailoring and shorthand. We also provide loans and incentives for women to start income-generating ventures through the ShamaWELL program.

The letter AActivism: Educating women about self empowerment and their legal rights. Family planning gives women greater control over their bodies and destiny. This work is done through our support of the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust.

The letter MMedical and AIDS Awareness: HIV and STD prevention among sex workers and high risk groups. Treatment for leprosy and tuberculosis and prevention and cure of blindness. This work is done through our support of the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust and donations to the Rural Health Program.

The letter AAmerica-India Alliances: The cultural education work we do in Wisconsin has several aspects: it educates Americans about India and its culture; it raises awareness among Indians in America of the dedication and interest of Americans in other cultures; and people in India feel the compassion shown toward them, building respect and gratitude toward Americans. The internet provides a letter-writing connection between American and Indian children. Indian children, adopted or immigrant, come together to learn about Indian culture.

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  Mission  ||  History  ||  Officers  ||  Board of Directors  || Annual Reports  || By-Laws

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