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PN Doshi College

  • P.N. Doshi College school, a non-profit school in Mumbai (Bombay), India, is dedicated to educating girls and women from the poorest sector of society. This school provides quality education from kindergarten through college. The students do not pay tuition. Sponsorship provides your child with everything she needs to attend school, including books and supplies, clothing and shoes, meals, bus fees, and medical care. The children eligible for sponsorship attend Shri M M Prathmik Kanyashala Primary School or SPRJ Kanyashala Secondary School, both of which are part of P.N. Doshi College.  

    The college itself consists of a large building with five floors. A sign saying Shama Inc, Women of Wisconsin hangs in the entranceway to a large hall. Some question the use of the word "College" for the children's school, but these schools are a part of SPRJ Kanyashala Trust, which consists of 14 educational institutions. (See the list of all 14 institutions.)

    For more information about PN Doshi College, check their web site. On their main page the links named "Aids to Students" and "Extension" tell more about the work that is done in collaboration with SHAMA, Inc.

    The students come from the lowest classes of society, with illiterate parents and emotionally distraught homes. The school is able to nurture and develop them to such an extent that they are able to keep high standards of output. Students win an amazingly large number of awards at the local and national levels, even without considering their backgrounds.

    This success can be attributed to the dedication of the staff. They are  very committed towards their work, sometimes even at their own expense. One of the students explained that when the Trust was not able to get sponsors for the annual School picnic, the teachers donated from their own pockets so that the kids could have a good time. Very frequently, the very first donors of all social service initiatives are the teachers and staff themselves. 

    What Sponsorship Does

    Kit of supplies given each childThough the school provides free education in terms of tuition fees, the parents have to provide uniforms, transportation, food, exam fees, etc. as required. To some parents this is an onerous task as their resources are quite limited. When a child is sponsored through the ShamaKids program at PN Doshi College, she is given a large bag (too heavy for the child to carry alone, each school year. It contains a year's supply of the following:

    Clothing.  Shoes.  Textbooks.  School supplies.  Enrichment materials such as books and educational games. A water bottle.  An umbrella.  A lunch box.  And the bag itself.

    In addition, ShamaKids are taught the arts, dancing, and painting, and the SPRJ Kanyashala Trust organizes leadership camps for ShamaKids as well.

     Teachers ensure that the children sponsored by ShamaKids go to school, even going to children's homes if necessary. Over time teachers develop a close relationship with the students and their families.

    Shama Students
    SHAMA students at PN Doshi
    PN Doshi class
    Class at PN Doshi

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