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SHAMA, Inc. Annual Report 2007-08

We have accomplished much in the last year and we would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone for being involved in the empowerment of underprivileged women, children and families by truly creating a better world!  On behalf of all our project recipients, we express our sincere gratitude. 

We have new names assigned for our ongoing programs, ECO-EVE & L.E.A.D. 

  • ECO-EVE stands for Economic Village Empowerment and encompasses our work in Orissa, which is developing a unique sustainable village development model, and Mhaskal, Maharashtra, which received one of three national development awards from the government last year.

  • L.E.A.D. describes Local Enrichment And Diversity Programs which includes our Annual Festival of India cultural and educational event, Heritage India families of adopted Indian children, Bhangra Club of UWSP, South Asia Society, local community cultural celebrations and local public cultural event participation. 

Below are some of our highlights of the year,  updates on our programs, an outline of our upcoming brochures and some special thank-you’s to those who are contributing greatly to our organizational capacity and program development.  Thanks again to all of you who are involved!

2007 – 08 Highlights

* Adivali Tribal Village (80% tribal) included in Shama, Inc. *

Last year, Mhaskal village development projects received one of three National Development Awards given by the Indian government. This year, Adivali Village, a neighboring village, four miles away from Mhaskal and 80% tribal, requested inclusion in SHAMA, Inc projects.  They liked the development that Shama promoted  in Mhaskal village and  made a request to be part of Shama, Inc’s programs.  Shama has started sponsoring kids from Adivali and initiated the toilet project there. Adivali’s school is only up to fourth grade with one teacher and a worn-out school room. The toilet program is a cooperative program between SHAMA and the villagers, who provide their servies.

* Mhaskal village’s SHAMA Food Co-operative yields fantastic crops *

Mhaskal village’s SHAMA Food Co-operative is yielding fantastic crops and is feeding the whole village and providing a cash crop. Farmers are taking surplus produce to sell in the urban marketplace. They are paying back the money that SHAMA loaned them for water pipes, which bring water from a stream outside the village. It has produced 10-fold yields per our investment.

* ShamaKid ‘Topper’  Dreams of being an Engineer *

A “ShamaKid”, Mitter, the daughter of a housemaid and sick father topped the tenth grade in her school, including the English medium school.  It is the first time in a 90-year history of the school that a girl from a local language medium topped the English medium school as well.  In general, poor people send their kids to local language medium school and economically better off kids go to English medium schools.

Encouraged by her results, Mitter wants to go to a good Engineering school.  It costs $1000 per year to go to this professional school.  SHAMA is currently working on the good will of SHAMA, Inc. Friends to make it possible for Mitter to go to the Engineering school.

* Mass Media Bachelor’s Degree program *

Devila Mehta was one of the founding member of SHAMA, Inc.   When we met her over 20 years ago she relayed her story of hardship, recovery and success through PN Doshi College in Mumbai.  Devila bhen (or sister) became a widow with two young sons, at a very young age, after three years of marriage.  She needed support after her husband’s tragic death. P. N. Doshi College provided the support, she was able to complete her studies and eventually got a teaching job at the college. Devila told us that she sat on committees where they  helped students whose mother’s were domestic servants and street sweepers.  The College has a very strong program to recruit girls from slums.

Devila Bhen’s sons became medical doctors through the opportunities she could now provide them. When she retired she went to live with her son, who was doing  a residency at UW Medical School in Madison. She inspired us to connect with PN Doshi College, which is a Jain women’s school founded in the 1920’s and committed to poverty reduction program.  It is surrounded by many old Mumbai slums. Our connection to her has been profound over the years, as she has always encouraged SHAMA’s development.  Mrs. Mehta passed away last year in Chicago.  Prof. Ashok Bhargava, Outreach Director, SHAMA, Inc. Jagdish and Jyoti Chander attended her funeral, where we experienced the great respect her sons expressed for their Mom who had love in her heart for poor women.

They expressed their respect by funding, through a donation of $ 60,000, a Mass Media Bachelor’s Degree Program at PN Doshi College, Ghat Kopar. This is a leadership education program for poor women.  It will accomplish the dreams and goals of SHAMA, Inc. of developing women leadership in many fields at a large scale.  With the blessings of the late Prof. Devila Mehta, and honorable mention to the Mehta brothers, the Mass Media Bachelor’s Program has begun this past year.

* WOMEN ON WHEELS (W.O.W.)  Inauguration & Developments *

Our latest development program, Women On Wheels, is off to a great start.  We have 50 women who are getting their Taxi Driving training at an International Orix Driving School at Rangpuri, Delhi, after completing local driving school training in their areas. 

The school has agreed to hire 20 of these trained women after they complete their training in driving, self-defense, English speaking, body language and personality development. The radio cars will be equipped with video camera and emergency button.  The head office can hear all the conversations in the taxis.

Our inauguration was done on Jan 29, 08 with an elaborate function, where the Police Chief of Delhi came to assure that the Police Department will provide full support of the program. The Transportation Minister was invited too but could not make it at the last moment. Dr Ashok Bhargava spoke at the function on behalf of SHAMA, Inc.. The atmosphere at the inauguration was festive.

W.O.W. in the International Limelight

W.O.W. program Director Mrs. Harinder Kaur of AIWC in Delhi has been included in the Who Is Who for Professional and Business Women for launching the WOW program. She has also been nominated for Woman of The Year 2008 by American Biographic Institute.

* G.V. Naidu Elementary School, Andhra Pradesh Upgraded *

SHAMA, Inc. facilitated the upgrading of G.V. Naidu Elementary School, in Pattoor village, near Madras (Chennai), in Andhra Pradesh last year.  The school has been upgraded (new and renovated classrooms) and is up and running. Dr Naidu, Madison, who  was born and raised in the village started the School and was the principal fundraiser for this project. He is planning to raise a trust fund for its continued functioning and development.


Treasurer’s Report:  Income, Expenses, and Balances by  Devinder Sandhu


ShamaKids has assisted in sponsoring 337 children.
Currently active: PN Doshi - 238, ADIRE - 11, and Punjab - 41 = Total of 290
An additional 10 are paying directly, in India

            SHAMA WELL

SHAMA WELL has given loans to a total of 175 women
Initial: PN Doshi - 49, READ - 17, and AIWC - 50 = 145
Second cycle - 30 women
(When SHAMA WELL loans are repaid, the money is loaned to the next woman on a waiting list.
This is the "second cycle.")

          Special Stories of our Recipients 

* ShamaKid’s Parents HIV positive creating a culture of compassion *

One of our ShamaKids in Mumbai has a mother who is sick from AIDS. Her Stevens Point sponsor, Harish Parmeshwaran, who has moved from the area, is paying for the mother’s treatment in Mumbai. We are proud that a culture of compassion is expanding with your dedication. 

* WOW women’s stories *

The All India Women Conference organizer has chose five women from the AIWC Women shelter, who are victims of domestic and sexual violence and have no place to live, to begin the WOW training program. One woman belongs to a very poor family and wants to earn better living wages from the car training program, but her family has strongly objected to it. She is persistent and determined to make her life better than her family’s status.  She is at the women shelter now, while AIWC organizers of WOW continue talking to the parents about the safety of the program.

* SHAMA WELL Recipients Updates *

  • Around 200 WELL women trained
  • 25 % WELL loans are in Second Cycle, from 49 women to 79 women in Mumbai.
  • 100% WELL paying back in Orissa, 30 women's original loans are giving forward little bit at a time.
  • Successful WELL businesses so far in
    • Lunch Delivery, Pickles,
    • Community Gardening & Uniform Sewing programs at Mhaskal,
    • Mushroom Farming Cooperative & Village Café in Orissa, using biogas from cow manure and solar lights to light up the café in Orissa .

We welcome your support in our 2008-09 endeavors!

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