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women with cow
Cow, a part of biogas cooperative

Successes of SHAMA WELL Programs

See also Page 2 of success stories.

This web page shows pictures of a small percentage of the women who have received loans through SHAMA WELL.

The following pictures were taken in 2005 in Mhaskal village. Several women were given loans in 2004 for goats or cows. (Click on thumbnails for larger pictures.)

2004 recipient of loan for goat with new kids, 2005
2004 loan recipient with new kids.

woman proudly repaying 2004 loan for goats
Woman proudly repaying loan for goats.

Healthy cow, purchased with  2004 loan
Healthy buffalo purchased with 2004 loan.

News flash Febrary 2007: Of the 45 SHAMA WELL loans made to women in 2006, about half of the total amount has already been paid back; one has been repaid in full.  These loans will be recycled to other deserving women awaiting loans. Sponsors will be informed once a re-assignment occurs.

The following pictures show women with the things purchased by loans through READ, things that will help them earn a living for themselves and their families.

selling vegetables

V. Sundrambal


R. Sanguthala

tending cow & calf

G. Athilaxmi
milking cow

About 70 women have received loans through SHAMA WELL. All of these loans have either been repaid in full within the time limit allotted, or are still within that time limit and have been paid partially. The rate of repayment is an indicator of the women's success in earnings. These loans have been used for a wide variety of purposes, as can be seen on the page linked just below.

Women who have received loans through SHAMA WELL and how the funds were used.

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