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Cooking with gas
Cooking with biogas

Loans in Collaboration with ADIRE

SHAMA, Inc. makes grants to designated non-profit organizations in India for disbursing and administering loans under the SHAMA WELL program.

Women on this page live in villages in  the state of Orissa (see #5 on the map of India). Loans through SHAMA WELL assist ADIRE, a registered charitable organization, in their work in this part of India. Click here for information about SHAMA's collaborative efforts.

"ADIRE's initiative is focused on two fundamental concepts. Harness the local natural resources and Develop and Modernize the local skills with the objective of 'psycho-social transformation and integrated sustainable rural development' in four major areas through four village centers called 'HELP' Centers." (From the ADIRE web page.) SHAMA, INC's mission corresponds with ADIRE's goals.

The women below are seeking loans through ADIRE. Click on their pictures for larger views.

  Sulochana Pradhan
Code 237
Sulochana Pradhan
Purpose of loan: biogas co-op, cattle
Family size: 6
Annual family income: $385 USD
Birth date: 1955

Also see pictures of women hoping for loans in our collaborative project with READ.

Click here to learn about women who have already received loans,
and here for success stories.

To make a loan to one of these women

  1. Choose a woman to whom you wish to give the loan and fill out a form to select her.
    form or printed form to mail)

  2. Choose a payment option.

  3. Send in your form and the money.

For more information, contact

Dr. Jagdish Chander
phone: 715-341-1538  
Or email:  

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