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Scholarship Success Stories

Student who had tuberculosisDuring Jyoti Chander's visit to PN Doshi College in 2005, a scholarship student told her her story. This student's education, and maybe her life, seemed to be coming to an end due to the fact that she had contracted a serious case of tuberculosis. The medical care that was available to her through her scholarship saved her life. She is well again and extremely grateful not only for her health, but for the continuation of her education.

PN Doshi College is proud to have some of its own former students as professors in the college.

  • Manju Chhedda's father passed away when she was very young, and her mother had no skills to support the family. "My family went through a lot of hardships. I was good in studies and I knew that I would have to work real hard to stand on my own legs. The colleges has been very kind and gave me financial support to pursue undergraduate and Masters studies, from SHAMA, Inc. funds. Today I am professor in my own college and I feel so proud."

  • Similar is the story of Meghana, who wanted to pursue a Master's in Sociology, "But severe financial crunch made me reconsider this decision so that I could look out for some jobs. But my teachers were very supportive and encouraged me to do my Master's, and thanks to SHAMA, Inc. for sponsoring my education. Today I am Professor in my college and am the main breadwinner of my family."

  • Kusum's story is a bit different. Her father wanted her to get married after she finished her undergraduate studies. "My teachers always advised me to be financially independent and have self respect. However, my dad refused to finance me, though he was ever willing to give in to all whims and fancies and extra-ordinary demands of my brother. SHAMA, Inc. came forward and reimbursed my fees, and I did extremely well in my Masters, and my college took me as a part-time employee here. I teach Economics. I am now married, and by the grace of God, I have a supportive family."

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