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Featured Performances of Past Stage Shows

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2008 Festival


Veena: Classical String Instrument -
Rama Gurupalli (Chicago Artist)



Bollywood Dance -
                                                          Devinder Sandhu

2007 Festival

Kripa Baskaran and the Natyarpana Dance Group
"Global Influences and Environment"

2006 Festival

Dance Drama Luv Kush
The Indian Classical Dance from the Epic "Ramayana"

by Kalaanjali School of Dance, Madison, WI


for details of the story.


Picture (222x216, 12.4Kb)

Ted Ceplina on SitarThe Pre-Stage Show

Rajasthani Dance - Pam Luedtke
Bollywood Dance -
Apurva Kulkarni
Sitar -
Ted Ceplina
Vocal Music -
Shreemayee Kar
Sikh Bhajan -
Bhagwant Singh, Tarlok Singh
Bhangra Dance -
Dr. Devinder Sandhu, Richa Chander, Pan Luedtke, UWSP Students


Kripa Baskaran2005 Festival

Seasons and Festivals—Classical Bharatnatyam -Kripa Baskaran and Natyarpana Dance Company

UWSP South Asia Society - Ellen Kuklinski, Nisha Shah, Tammy Nigam (Motorola CEO Award Recipient)

Work of SHAMA - Pat Reckrey, Allison Feltz, (India View) Mayra Marrero (ShamaWELL), Dennis Kaster (Heritage India), Linda Pluke, Alice Keefe (ShamaKids) Trevor Roark (Tsunami Benefit).

Vision of SHAMA - Jyotsna Chander

Stree (The Woman!) Contemporary Bharatnatyam - Kripa Baskaran and Natyarpana Dance Company debuting: A woman’s journey—with her deepest fears and joys—smiling through her tears, she carries our burden when we are helpless.

Kripa Baskaran & the Natyarpana Dance Company

2004 Festival

Jaysi swirling     Jaysi swirling 2

Lamps on Lilypads” presents a contemporary experience of Kathak dance, Hindustani music, poetry, and story telling. The presentation explores aspects of freedom including freedom of emotion, freedom of imagination, freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion and how that relates to peace and communal harmony, particularly between Hindus and Muslims.  The definitions of success in modern day society are questioned, and finally, “Lamps on Lilypads” revels in the myriad forms love takes. 

Lamps on Lilypads Performers

Picture (154x192, 23.1Kb)
Jaysi Chander
dancer and singer

Picture (129x192, 21.4Kb)
Wallace Harvey
violin and other

Picture (118x192, 20.8Kb)
Ben Kunin

Picture (144x192, 6.7Kb)
Tim Witter

2003 Festival

Nirmala Rajasekar on veena

Veena - Nirmala Rajasekar

Tabla - Allalaghatta Pavan

Bharat Natyam Dance - Ritu and Richa Chander

Gypsy Dancing - Pam Luedtke

2002 Festival


Sitar - Dr. Mono Mohan Mazumder

         Dr. Mazumder, a physicist, started playing the sitar 1952. In addition to his work in India and the United States as a researcher, he has shared his music in many venues.
The sitar is a string instrument which originated in India about seven hundred years ago.  It originally had seven strings.  However, over the years eleven sympathetic strings were added to the instrument which vibrate by resonance to the primary strings and add richness and fullness to the combined sound.

Tabla - Angshuman Chatterjee

Oddisi Dance - Sangita Rangala

Since childhood, Sangita studied Oddisi, a form of classical Indian dance, and has performed in India, Canada and the United States, often for charitable causes. She works as a physician specializing in Emergency Services.

2001 Festival

Sarod - Dr. Praful Kelkar
Praful Kelkar, MD was born and grew up in Bombay, India and is currently on the faculty of the Neurology Department at the University of Iowa’s School of Medicine. His primary influence in music has been his mother, a professional classical vocalist/teaher in Pune, India.

Classical Indian Vocalist - Nancy Lesh

Tabla - Payton MacDonald

Bharatnatyam - Richa Chander
The tabla is a widely popular South Asian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and religious music of the northern Indian subcontinent. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizes and timbres.

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