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Tsunami Relief

In February, 2005, Trevor Roark spearheaded a Tsunami Benefit Concert, with the help of SHAMA, Inc. Committee members Alice Keefe, Steve Bartelt, Kameshwar Razdan, Linda Pluke, and Ron Strege. The proceeds from the benefit were designated for the purchase of school furniture for five villages of the disaster area. The desks that were purchased are pictured above.

The following quote comes from a letter received from Swami Japananda, chairman of this relief project.

The total desks will come to 100 and the money which SHAMA has sent ... and also some friends over here [to pay for them.]...  Each school will be getting 20 desks worth of nearly Rs.40,000/- ($ 930).... The total cost of this project Rs.2,00,000/- out of which SHAMA has donated Rs.1,17,046/- ($2722)....

We remain thankful to your esteemed institution i.e. SHAMA for taking initiative in this matter by which nearly 600 school children are being made to sit on the desks instead of the floor.  Please convey our special greetings to all the team members who helped in this regard.  Our special thanks goes to the office bearers who have selected our institution for this great humanitarian service. 

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